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Chemical Products is a core Johnson Matthey business.

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The Chemical Products business is a leading manufacturer of Platinum Group Metal (PGM) and minor metal compounds, organometallics and fine metal powders for high technology applications ranging from catalysis to advanced coating applications.

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See our wide range of PGM and minor metal inorganic salts, fine metal powders and organo-metallics.
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Our wide range of products leads to a diverse spectrum of advanced technology markets. See our major areas of focus.
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Johnson Matthey has been developing new technology for almost 200 years, maintaining it's world leading solutions.
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Please do not hesitate to email or phone our regional key contact.
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Setting the standard for PGM Refining, we offer the benefits of keeping the supply and refine cycle under one roof.
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As the leading authority on Platinum and PGM metal trading, contact our Precious Metal Marketing team.

See our range of Hydrosilation catalysts

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